Rehabilitation Center for Traumatic Brain Injury



Rehabilitation Center for Traumatic Brain Injury
Client: Fundación Luis Salazar Géigel
Location: undetermined
Phase: Schematic Design
Year: 2014 –
Size: 5,000 square feet
Cost: withheld
Program: A large lobby/reception area that directs patients and visitors. The program is divided into rehabilitation areas and public educational areas. Patients may use areas that include a gymnasium, a pool and individual therapy rooms. Visitors and caretakers have access to a large conference room, offices and consultation rooms. Doctors and therapists also have individual rooms where they can attend a patient and family members.
Description: An all-inclusive treatment center that addresses the needs for trauma patients and their caretakers. As a patient, Luis Salazar experienced the numerous factors involved in a healthy productive rehabilitation. In order to have a successful rehabilitation, one must understand that it is a process that requires specific attention of various therapy exercises. The proposed Center addresses the organizational importance of communication and privacy between spaces and users.

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