Carlos Salazar Architects

Cinema Toa Alta

Cinema Toa Alta
Client: Empresas Municipales Toalteñas
Location: Calle Antonio R. Barceló, Toa Alta, PR
Phase: Schematic Design - Ante-proyecto
Year: 2015 -
Size: 20,000 sq. ft.
Cost: $5.5M
Program: 1 large multi-use hall, 2 small multi-use halls and extensive circulation and public spaces.
Description: The basic concept behind the massing of the project arises from the combination between a flexible circulation of the general public and aspects of the climatology. The floor level of the project is open and accessible in all directions, which allows the dialogue between the activity in the street and the interior spaces of the structure. The interior circulation of the project reads like the continuity of the sidewalks of the town, is outdoors and circulates the rooms at different levels creating urban corridors. This route has openings in the outer skin which allows views of the city and nature. This user experience is controlled by the outer skin of precast concrete panels. The triangulations in the concrete panels allow light and natural ventilation to the common areas, at the same time protecting the user from the mercy of time. This outer skin separates the volumes of the rooms from the direct sun, which translates to a reduction in energy consumption. The sculptural expression of the project implies the movement inherent in the cinema and was conceived as a porous and rigid skin. Their facades play continuously with light and shadow all day and night.