Carlos Salazar Architects

Estancias 4

Estancias 4
Client: Antonio Muñoz & Glory Pizarro
Location: Estancias 4, Bahía Beach Resort, Rio Grande, PR
Phase: In construction.
Year: 2024
Size: 8,800 sq. ft. in interior, 3,500 sq. ft. exterior
Cost: withheld
Description: The design strategy evolved around a massive axial wall that organizes the program in public vs. private and visually connects the interiors with the expansive exteriors. The sequence of entry is an experience from which all main components of the house are perceived. A language of materiality is expressed in smooth exposed concrete in contrast with dark colored textured wall tile, smooth white plaster metal screens and wooden ceilings. In addition, a total of four water features are integrated in the overall experience of the house while the landscaping is reinforced by cascading greenery from 2nd level planters.
Structural Design: Ing. Luis M. Cid Caiñas, PE
Electrical Engineer: Ing. Tomas Vélez, PE
Mechanical Engineer: Ing. Rafael Pares, PE
Contractor: 504 Construction Managers, Inc.